Joining method cuts cars'' weight

04 June, 2013 | Professional Engineering

Professional Engineering
June 4, 2013

Aluminium specialist Novelis is working with steel giant Thyssen-Krupp Tailored Blanks to develop a joining technology that could help carmakers to dramatically reduce the weight of vehicles.

The companies have combined their expertise to accelerate the introduction of tailored aluminium blanks. The technology allows aluminium sheets of different grades, thicknesses and coatings to be joined to produce customized stamping blanks used by carmakers for the production of body parts such as doors and bonnets, and structural components including cross-members and longitudinal members.

The targeted use of materials in tailored aluminium blanks allows for the elimination of reinforcements and overlapping joints, reducing weight and cost. Tailored blanks can also contribute to improved crash performance through s;elective use of high-strength aluminium alloys.

Rudolf Helldobler, chief executive of ThyssenKrupp Tailored Blanks, said: "The product range of tailored aluminium blanks connects for the first time the potential of lightweight aluminium with the engineering service of tailoring the body and chassis design on a mass scale."

Novelis and ThyssenKrupp said the initial reaction from customers to the development of the technology had been positive.

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