Group Data and Analytics

Given the fast-paced technological advancement and the ever-intensifying competitive landscape, an increasing number of organisations are beginning to realise the potential of big data and analytics in driving improved business outcomes. The power of big data is derived from the underlying rich and valuable insights about individuals, institutions, and processes that empower and enable businesses to serve their customers and improve business operations through data-driven decision making thereby driving competitive advantage.

To tap into this tremendous business opportunity, Group Data and Analytics function has been created at the Group’s centre to work closely with the Businesses on strategising and delivering on its business priorities through leveraging the power of data and analytics. The function will build strong analytics and domain expertise drawn from the best-in-class talent from leading global and Indian Businesses and India’s premier educational institutions, coupled with cutting edge tools and technologies built on a highly scalable and robust big data infrastructure to mine petabytes of structured and unstructured data in seconds.

The analytics team of Data scientists and Big data engineers will combine their strong expertise and business knowledge with the power of predictive analytics, sophisticated machine learning algorithms and advanced quantitative techniques to provide our Group Companies with high-end applied Analytics solutions across B2B and B2C businesses and functions.

Headed by Mr. Deep Thomas