Terrace Bay Pulp Mill

Terrace Bay Pulp Mill is part of Grasim Industries Ltd, an Aditya Birla Group company, and is a northern bleached softwood kraft pulp mill producing over 330,000 tonnes of paper grade pulp annually.

With 70% of the company’s wood basket consisting of the much sought-after black spruce, its pulp contains long fibres with structural properties that provide exceptional strength to the end product. The mill follows a 6-stage bleaching process using the modern Fourdrinier pulp machine, allowing granular control over the finished product.

The Terrace Bay Mill is the third Canadian mill to join the Aditya Birla Group’s pulp and fiber business (Grasim Industries Ltd.) in July 2012. The future holds both challenges and opportunities for AV Terrace Bay. With 360+ employees and $151 million invested over the last three years, it has focused on moving ahead and responding to future market changes. The company remains committed to its employees and stakeholders by following its guiding principles of operational excellence, and streamlining production to adapt to changing market dynamics.


    • Paper grade pulp


Terrace Bay Pulp Mill
21 Mill Road
Terrace Bay, ON
P0T 2W0