Madura Fashion & Lifestyle unveils Van Heusen Style Studio

25 January, 2016

N. V. Vijayakumar
Deccan Herald

MF&;L’s style studio redefines shopping experience with its virtual mirror technology

Redefining the shopping experience via omnichannel apparel retailing, Madura Fashion and Lifestyle, a unit of Aditya Birla Group company Aditya Birla Nuvo (ABNL), unveiled its first flagship experience store Van Heusen Style Studio in Bengaluru.

Style Studio has brought in cutting-edge technologies via virtual mirror, fits scanner, tablet-bearing sales assistants, virtual trial room, and combined it with personalised interactions.

The store has brought in lots of content development, touchscreens to order online and software integration for personal analytics. But it is the virtual mirror that stands at the forefront which wows the customer.

Customers choose the style by category, colour, patterns, fabric, and move on to the full-length ‘Virtual Trial Mirror’, where the shirts, tees or trousers s;elected, can be virtually previewed on themselves without stepping into a physical trial room.

This means that he/she stands in front of the virtual mirror and scans the barcode on the mirror’s console, and the garment virtually appears on the customer’s reflection, allowing him/her to decide on the colour and pattern to choose from.

When the customer enters the Van Heusen Style Studio, he/she is given an option to register and c;reate a customer ID that would allow him/her to record all purchases and s;elections made during visits to the store.

The Van Heusen Style Studio provides 17 sizes in five fits, which is not available in any other brands. Customers have the option to choose their colour and cuff. My Fit orders can be placed at the store and the delivery can be made to doorsteps within seven days.

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