How to create fashion that’s both ‘good’ and gorgeous

13 January, 2020

In its inaugural Sustainability Report, Birla Cellulose shows the path to sustainable fashion

In keeping with its sustainability commitment, Aditya Birla Group’s Pulp and Fibre Business launched our first Sustainability Report in January 2020. This vibrantly designed and comprehensive publication was unveiled at the Bombay Stock Exchange by BSE managing director Ashish Chauhan.

The report, which details Birla Cellulose’s Forest-to-Fashion operating model is divided into four parts. The first one details the intrinsic sustainability attributes of man-made cellulosic fibre, whereas the second part delves into key material issues that need to be taken care of to ensure responsible manufacturing.

The third, and the heart of the report, deep dives into our sustainability performance and discloses in detail how within our facilities and collaboratively with our supply chain, we are constantly raising the sustainability bar.

The final part articulates how our sustainability strategy and actions are contributing in our little way towards the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and also puts forth our future goals and targets.