Defying disability, garnering strength

12 June, 2018

Though blind, Umesh who joined Madura as a helper, is today a Level 1 Leader managing a team of 15 people

The fact that Umesh has disabilities hasn’t stopped him from growing at Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail’s Madura Unit. Burdened with blindness, Umesh joined Madura 17 years ago as a helper. He was promoted to supervisor within four years. Today he is a Level 1 Leader managing a team of 15 people.

Umesh’s job is to identify and resolve issues relating to fabric defects. He and his team also handle the shirt packaging stage. They dust shirts, iron and button them, do a final check and then fold the shirts. In one day, the team packages 900 shirts. Umesh says he is not treated differently because of his blindness. Having experienced personal and professional growth in Madura, Umesh is a happy man looking to grow further. And Madura is the right organisation for that.